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Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
act of veneration. in the presence of a wheelchair-bound war hero, 89-year-old former senator bob dole, members gathered, hoping to ratify a united nations treaty that's based entirely on the americans with disabilities act. it would ensure that people with disabilities are granted the same general rights as anyone else. and it's a treaty that anyone with a modicom of sense and civic fairness would find impossible to oppose, as senator john kerry explained. >> bob dole, why is he here? he's not here because he's here to advocate for the united nations. he is here because he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled the way we do. >> yet incredibly, republican[รง refused to support the treaty. the measure, which required a two-thirds majority failed by a vote of 61-38. it was a shameful episode as senate majority leader made clear after the vote was taken. it's a sad day, said harry reid, when we cannot pass a treaty that simply brings the world up to the american standard for protecting people with disabilities because the republican party is enthralled to extr
Dec 4, 2012 1:00pm PST
clinton's economic team, people like bob rubin and larry podesta, have put their name to a plan that calls for $200 billion more in tax revenue than even the president is asking. for more now we have with us william cohen in new york, a columnist for the bloomberg view, and clarence page, a columnist for "the chicago tribune." welcome to both of you. clarence, one thing this makes plain is democrats are feeling confident in a fiscal cliff win. why not ask for more? >> well, they're certainly asking for more than president obama is asking, and that is the point here. they feel that the policies of the clinton era that gave us the prosperity that we saw back then would be good to impose now. they are really calling for a different kind of arrangement pushing for a simplification of the tax code that would include taxes on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages which would cross income lines, those kind of consumer taxes hit lower income tax people -- taxpayers as well as upper, and they want to get rid of the amt, that automatic tax that's designed to make sure that older -- rather, the higher i
Dec 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
efficient killing machines we have. yes, there are other things that we use to kill, but bob costas and for once jason whitlock was absolutely right to say allowing this gun culture is problematic for all of us. when you have a gun, you are more likely to get shot. you're not more likely to shoot an intruder. and how many of these instances do we have to live through before we say enough. i'm going to let you get in, karen, but every time we have this big sort of thing happen like aurora or jovan belcher, whatever. >> virginia tech. >> we could go on and on. we say now is not the time. that is the gun rights group saying let's tamp this down because this is our worst moment, this is our worst fear of the irresponsible gun owner using it in the wrong way. that is exactly the time to say we must do something. >> okay. karen? >> i would just say it is, and that is true, but let's not disconnect that from this issue of domestic violence and assault on women and the republicans in congress who essentially are sending a message that says it's okay to beat up certain kinds of women. native
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3